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Audo Copenhagen

Danish design, unique collaborations

This new brand brings with it a rich design history. Behind the name is a wonderful collaboration between Danish design labels Menu and By Lassen, based in the iconic Audo building in Copenhagen. Together, they combine the strong qualities of the Danish design tradition with a forward-looking approach, focusing on growth and evolution. This results in a world full of authentic, attractive and practical designs.

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A new chapter

Behind the name Audo Copenhagen, as mentioned, are two design labels: Menu and by Lassen. Both brands were established names in the world of design. Whereas Menu had been part of the Danish scene for 45 years, by Lassen had been in business for twice that long. Despite their long track record, both brands were still looking for innovation. They found this in the Audo, a unique building/concept in Copenhagen.


With the Audo House, Audo Copenhagen has one of the most unique showrooms in Scandinavia. The building is set up as a mini community building universe. A reflection of their vision that working together and forming connections is always better than one part of the whole. The Audo is not only a place to showcase their own collections, it is also a place where people can gather for drinks or lunch, where they can work together on powerful ideas, a place where inspiration and being together is paramount.

Soft minimalism

Audo Copenhagen's aesthetic is best described as soft minimalism. Clean lines, whose subtle and calm strength radiates in combination with natural materials that are treated with great respect.

The great asset of this soft minimalism is that it feels at home in different architectural styles and is suitable for both residential and commercial environments. Its timeless nature allows items from Audo Copenhagen to last for years, to new environments and new creative chapters in life.

Developed by bringing together Menu, Auto and By Lassen, Audo Copenhagen reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that will continually expand and evolve.

Audo Copenhagen